On Beauty

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“Beauty like that is strength. […] One could turn the world upside down with beauty like that.”

~ Fyodor Dostoevsky “The Idiot”

This page is dedicated to the work of human spirit: the things that feed our soul, keep us warm, make us grow. A brooding bird will often pluck its own chest to line a nest with feathers and down. A brooding poet may do the same to the nest of a poem. We write our lives with things that grow inside us, things that want out, things that we hope will one day take wing. Sometimes writing about a panful experience leaves us feeling vulnerable, exposed, our chests plucked bare of their shields against other people’s scrutiny. And yet, with that vulnerability comes growth. We must recognize the hurt in order not to let it dictate the trajectory of our flight. We exorcise the pain by acknowledging it first.

So much of what we do on a daily basis is transformative. It’s not just what we eat, or the places we go, or the people we meet. We’re also transformed by intangible things : the ones we choose to ingest, the ones we stumble upon by chance. When we encounter what someone else has created, we often recognize it as our own truth. We welcome it into the nest we’re building because it already belongs there. “I couldn’t have said it better myself,” we say. He’s “singing my life with his words,” we say.

We are connected to writers, painters, musicians from other eras and other places through their work. This is their gift. It changed them in their own time and now it changes us. The nest keeps growing. It’s become a gigantic, interwoven roost that spans time and space—and we are right in the middle of it. Given how close we are to Shakespeare, Van Gogh, Mozart, given how similarly we feel, how much we’ve suffered and how we were able to translate that suffering into something transcendent—how can we not hope to find a way to survive as a species?

Beauty may yet save the world.

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  1. Lovely. That’s what we do, don’t we, build our nests with carefully chosen bits from the limitless offer. I say something similar in my About me. But we also drop own feathers into the community pool where they ripple. And to somebody they just might come handy.

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    1. I hope they do come in handy. Just read your About page. Love what you said about being a borderline poet–a dangerous breed, indeed. Life on the threshold (on the edge, in limbo) is one filled with creativity. Enjoy!

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      1. Thank you, Romana. That’s how it is: if you’re on the edge, you can have it both ways. 😉 By the way, my poet friend translates from Romanian (and Macedonian) into Slovenian and I’m the first reader of his translations of novels, stories and poems. I find it quite amazing, what a variety. I’m bad with names, but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t translated you yet. 😉 His name is Aleš Mustar. He studied Romanian in Bucharest and I visited him there twice.

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        1. What a small world! I went to the University of Bucharest (studied Romanian and English language/literature). And no, your friend hasn’t translated my work–I’m not a major poet by any means. Borderline is what I aim for. 😉 There’s a lot of Romanian literature that deserves to be known in other parts of the world. Glad you have access to it.

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