The Last Ferryboat

William Turner Study of Sea and Sky



The Last Ferryboat


It barged into the river headfirst.
She worried how deep
it was there, at the shore, how
likely to survive.

It was dark and crisp on the water,
with a strong wind. Later,
she tried to remember the color
of the sky and got only gray.

It could have been any color, really,
or none. It could have been
an invisible ferry, plodding along
an invisible route, while she

held on by the crook of one finger,
her penitent thoughts flying
like pennants. It could have
taken her from one

shore of the poem to the other
and yet, it had to halt
somewhere in the middle,
where the ferryman

decided to go fishing
and the passengers jumped
into the current one after another,
like doomed sheep.



NOTE: Linked to the Tuesday Platform in Imaginary Garden with Real Toads and to Poetry Pantry #404 on Poets United

16 thoughts on “The Last Ferryboat

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    1. Yep, it can’t be good. Not sure which river it is, except that it runs through a poem. I wasn’t thinking about the Styx, but it might as well be, given the title… I guess, in that case, Charon is shirking his duties. Maybe Hades is not paying him enough. Hmm.


  1. We do not think to pause in this world of ours, eager we are to get from A to B, fail to notice what is around us.

    I am glad that she was aware, of how the currents draw us in, we agents of our own destruction. We all need to give ourselves time to fish…to see…

    Anna :o]

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