Of Guilt

Blankets cover Swiss glacier in vain effort to halt icemelt
Courtesy of phys.org


Of Guilt


You leave what you know.
Your faithful companion
follows you into the heart
of the forest, where ferns
obscure the light,
where you fall asleep
on wet ground, blind roots
crawling over your legs
toward your mouth.

You talk to no one
in particular about the melting
glaciers and how it’s not
your fault, how if there were
something you could have done,
you’d have already done it.
Ice has a way of turning
to water, you say, and water
to vapor, and soon we’ll all
go up in flames, anyway,
even these roots
tethering us to the soft
spine of the earth.


Prompt courtesy of Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, where Björn invites poets to tackle the topic of radiation. It got me thinking about the melting Swiss glaciers that will have disappeared by 2090 as a result of solar radiation and global warming. For the past decade, Swiss residents have been trying to stave off the icemelt by covering the glaciers with blankets (click on the link under the image for more information). It’s like using a handkerchief to plug a hole in the hull of a sinking ship.

Also linked to Poetry Pantry, currently hosted by Sherry at Poets United.

35 thoughts on “Of Guilt

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  1. Such a stark and futile image, laying blankets on the glaciers to stop what cannot be stopped. We could slow the pace, were corporations and leaders owned by corporations willing, but sadly most are not.

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    1. I agree–we can do a lot more while it’s still possible. This may be a macabre thing to say, but I hope nature outlives us. The way things are going, that hope, too, is dwindling.


  2. Nature is taking revenge on it and we have provided it with the tools.
    Your words are apocalyptic, but sadly words of truth.
    I fear it is too late…
    Anna :o[

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  3. This is very sad. I had not heard about the use of blankets to try to save the glaciers. It seems futile, but who knows if it CAN work. One hopes that humans will turn things around, but it doesn’t seem likely. This poem will stay with me.

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