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Kristin Berkey-Abbott: Kristin Berkey-Abbott
Kelli Russell Agodon: Book of Kells
Nin Andrews: Nin Andrews Blog
Marie Anzalone: Cold, Hungry, and In Love
Michael Begnal: B’Fhiú an Braon Fola
Carolee Bennett: Good Universe Next Door
Andrea Blythe: Andrea Blythe’s blog
Dave Bonta: Via Negativa
Kristy Bowen: Kristy Bowen’s Blog
James Brush: Coyote Mercury
Lynn Burnett: Poems & Ponderings
Jeremy Cantor: From First Poem to First Book
Angela Carr: Angela Carr’s blog
Grant Clauser: Uniambic 
Josephine Corcoran: Josephine Corcoran
Jason Crane:  Jason Crane Blog
Risa Denenberg: Risa’s Pieces
Renee Emerson : This Quiet Hour
Annie Flavin: Annie Flavin
Brenda Marie Fluharty: Brenda Marie Fluharty Blog
Henry Gould: HG Poetics 
Uma Gowrishankar: My Garden
Sarah Kain Gutowski: Sarah Kain Gutowski
Jeannine Hall Gailey: Webbish6
Anne Higgins: Scattered Showers in a Clear Sky
Erin Coughlin Hollowell: Being Poetry
Veronica Hosking: Veronica Hosking
Ian: Analog Verse
Crystal Ignatowski: Some Hiatus
James Lee Jobe: Book of Jobe
Collin Kelley: Collin Kelley’s blog
Cassandra Key: The Sacred Middle ~ Notes on Living a Magical Life
J.I. Kleinberg: J.I. Kleinberg
Hyejung Kook: Hyejung Kook
Carol Parris Krauss: The House on Greenbrier
Melinda Longtin: inspirwing
Melodies: https://tunedance.wordpress.com/
Jeremy Mifsud: Poetry by Jeremy
Amy Miller: Writer’s Island
Lisa C. Miller: theunexpectedrichnessofanordinaylife
Nikesh Murali: The Word Manifesto
Kevin J. O’Conner: Ordinary Average Thoughts
Robert Okaji: Robert Okaji Blog
January Gill O’Neil: Poet Mom
Sagar Pathak: In the Loving Memory of Charles Lamb
Ren Powell: Ren Powell’s blog
Cristina Querrer: Your Artsy Girl Podcast 
Bethany Reid: Bethany Reid’s blog
Susan Rich: The Alchemist’s Kitchen
Dominic Rivron: Dominic Rivron
Andrew Robson: Andrew Robson Scribbles
Scot Slaby: Noticing Poetry
Joannie Stangeland: Poe-Query: Questions about poetry, writing, and life in general
Jayne Stanton: Jayne Stanton’s blog
Gerry Stewart: Thistle Wren
Bekah Steimel: Bekah Steimel’s blog
Sarah Stockton: Via Divina
Christine Swint: Balanced on Edge
Rob Taylor: Roll of Nickels
Kellea Tibbs: MarchThirtyOne Blog
David Vincenti:  David Vincenti’s Blog Less Traveled
Tony Walton: Tony Walton Blog
Keith Welch: Blog o’ Poetry
Laura Grace Weldon: Laura Grace Weldon’s blog
Michael Allyn Wells: Poetry in American Culture
Leslie Wheeler: Taking Poetry Personally 
Eileen Winnand: These Are the Artifacts
Katharine Whitcomb: Poetry Is Cool
Ellen Young: Free Thought and Metaphor

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