Temporary Skin (Glass Lyre Press, 2024)

a woman made entirely of air (Dancing Girl Press, 2023)

Auz simplu / Simple Hearing (Semne Press: Bucharest, 2000)

Poemul sosirii / Poem of Arrival (Glasul Press: Chisinau / Crater Press: Bucharest, 1996), awarded the prize for the “best literary debut” of 1996 (poetry) by the Mihai Eminescu literary society

Poems and Essays:

“Reluctant Panegyric,” South Florida Poetry Journal (forthcoming)

“Autophagy,” “life without words,” “The Song,” “the last ferryboat,” “New Sheets,” Spoon River Poetry Review (forthcoming)

“Fall,” the anthology Between Paradise and Earth: Eve Poems, Orison Books (forthcoming)

“I Took the Moon like a Moose for a Walk,” Lake Effect (forthcoming)

“Mieluța,” “Bedtime Story,” Alternating Current (forthcoming)

“The Mirror,” Cola Literary Review (forthcoming)

“what short wicks / we fuel with our blood,” South Carolina Review (forthcoming)

“Ghazal to Ward Off Oblivion,” Jabberwock Review, Issue 43.2, Winter/Spring 2023

“what is left,” EcoTheo Review, Winter 2022

“Transfiguration,” “A Perfect Tombstone Has No Name,” Bracken, Issue X, January 2023

“The Baby,” The Nation, January 2023 Issue

“Engram,” Barrelhouse, Issue 23, The Cryptids Issue, Winter 2022

“Flame is a door,” Southern Poetry Review, Volume 60, Issue 1, Fall 2022

“Mispronunciation,” Inverted Syntax, Issue 4, November 2022

“Weeding,” “Eve to Adam at the End of the World,” Roanoke Review, Fall 2022

“Answers to Y or N Questions,” The Boiler, Issue 35, Fall 2022

“Witness Protection,” Mom Egg Review, Volume 20, Fall 2022

“of all the things i took into my body,” Dunes Review, 26.1, Summer 2022

“Confabulation of the Self with the Self,” “Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima, Proxima Culpa,” Guesthouse, Issue 10, Summer 2022

“Memento Mori with Poet and Ghost,” december, Volume 33.1, Spring/Summer 2022

“I Love the Dark Hours of My Being,” Redivider, Issue 18.2, June 2022

“The Other Side,” Sweet: A Literary Confection, Issue 14.3, May 2022

“Shadow Children,” Bear Review, Volume 8.2, April 2022

“The Curse,” Another Chicago Magazine, April 28, 2022

“I Should Have Been a Ventriloquist,” RHINO Poetry, Spring 2022

“Blue,” “Hell Hath No Fury,” Sundog Lit, Issue 20, Spring 2022

“Doppelganger,” West Trestle Review, January/February 2022

“March 4, 1977,” Santa Clara Review, Volume 109, Issue 1, Winter 2022

“Here Be Dragons,” Stonecoast Review, Issue 16, Winter 2022

“Hunger,” Rust + Moth, Winter 2021

“Fairy Tale,” “Danse Macabre,” Heavy Feather Review, Haunted Passages, January 11, 2022

“The Best in the Midwest,” “After Talking to My Daughter About the Magic of Algebra,” “The Play,” Mud Season Review, Issue 59, December 2021

“Mnemonics,” Tupelo Quarterly, Issue 25, Fall 2021

“The Morphology of Shame,” Jet Fuel Review, Issue 22, Fall 2021

“Narrow like Planks of Wood, like Chinks in the Armor,” Split Rock Review, Issue 17, Fall 2021

“Of Guilt,” “layers of absence,” Great River Review, Issue 68, Fall 2021

“From One Leaf to Another,” Rappahannock Review, Issue 8.3, Summer 2021

“The Oaks Pool Their Shadows Here,” SLANT, Volume XXXV, Summer 2021

“Aegean Blue,” The Indianapolis Review, Issue 17, Summer 2021, poem nominated for a Pushcart Prize

“The Necessity of Being Lonely,” Barely South Review, Volume 12.2, Spring 2021

“The Man, the Woman, The Moon,” Blue River, Volume 5, Spring 2021

“Pied Piper, the Wind,” BOAAT Press, Winter 2021

“Infection,” “What She Said,” Up the Staircase Quarterly, Issue 53, 2021

“soliloquy,” Sutterville Review, Issue 1, September 2021

“Listen,” Psaltery & Lyre, August 23, 2021

“Dictionary,” Radar Poetry, Issue 30, June 2021

“Schadenfreude,” Pangyrus, Issue 9, June 4, 2021

“Mieluța,” Valparaiso Poetry Review, Volume XXII, number 2, Spring/Summer 2021

“Hospice,” I-70 Review, Summer/Fall 2021

“God’s Dollhouse,” Salamander, Issue 52, Spring/Summer 2021

“Inimă / Heart,” Gulf Coast, Issue 33.2, Winter/Spring 2021

“What I Learned About Shadow,” New England Review, Volume 41, No. 4, 2020

“Golem,” Pedestal Magazine, Issue 87, 2020

“Shadowlight,” Halfway Down the Stairs, December 1, 2020

“The Runaway,” Poet Lore, Volume 115, 3/4, Fall/Winter 2020

“questions for trees,” The Inflectionist Review, Issue 11, October 2020

“punctuation,” the tiny, Issue 9, October 2020

“Wolf-Child,” The Laurel Review, Issue 53.2, Fall 2020

Cargo,” “Forgive Me: A Cento,” Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Volume 6, Issue 5, Fall 2020

Her Dark Materials,” Bellingham Review, Issue 81, Fall 2020

Learning from the Swallow,” Construction Literary Magazine, Summer 2020

Forecast,” the tiny journal, issue iii

Things to Do with Silence,” JMWW, Summer 2020

Another Oedipus Story,” Orange Blossom Review, Issue 4, Summer 2020

Impending Heart Attack in the Doldrums on the Anniversary of Her Death,” Clackamas Literary Review, Volume XXIV, 2020

Writing Yourself Out,” Thimble Literary Magazine, Vol. 3, no 1, Summer 2020

The Wolves and the Crucifix,” The Ekphrastic Review, June 17, 2020

Passage,” The Hunger, Issue 8, Spring 2020

astronomy 101,” The Crossing, Spring 2020

Nothing Left to Do,” American Literary Review, Spring 2020

Mandala,” EcoTheo Review, Vol. 3, No 2, Spring 2020

“Grief Meridian,” “some things to watch out for in a poem,” “foreign blood,” Thin Air Magazine, Summer 2020

Two Children,” Mom Egg Review, HOME issue 18, Spring 2020

The Shape of Her Body in the Snow,” “exhumation,” Poemeleon, the Tryth/y Issue, Volume XI, Spring 2020

Thief,” Moria, Issue 5, Spring 2020

Conjugal Pottage, Serves Two,” Folio Literary Journal, Volume 35, Spring 2020

The Meadow Is Filled with Stones,” Cordite Poetry Review, Issue 95: EARTH, February 1, 2020

Déjà vu,” Lunch Ticket, Amuse Bouche: Spotlight series, January 1, 2020

Five Stages,” Quiddity, Volume 12, Issue 2, January 1, 2020

Birth,” “Sharp Dawn,” Poetry South, Issue 11, 2019

Silence at Dawn,” Harpur Palate, Volume 19, no. 1, Fall 2019

morning,” Willawaw Journal, Fall 2019, Issue 7

On the Bus,” The Shore, Issue 3, Autumn 2019

Rain in March,” Parentheses Journal, Issue 07, Fall 2019

Aftermath,” “Midnight Jasmine,” Sheila-Na-Gig, Volume 4.1, Fall 2019

The Fig Tree,” Swimming with Elephants Publications, Weekly Write: September 1, 2019

Out of the Labyrinth,” Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing, “broken | whole” issue, September 2019

Genesis,” “Lizard,” “The Riddle,” Dappled Things, Pentecost 2019

Piano Lesson,” New Limestone Review, July 2019

Out of Eden,” “Portrait with Crows,” OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters, July 2019

Finger-wagging,” Montana Mouthful, Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2019

Minotaur,” SWWIM Every Day, May 22, 2019

Spring,” Bluestem Magazine, Summer 2019 Issue

a woman made entirely of air,” “that poem you wrote,” Arkana, Editor’s Choice Award, Issue 6, April 2019

The Photograph,” Stoneboat Literary Journal, Issue 9.2, Spring 2019

Alter Ego,” “This bruised shadow of a promise,” Miracle Monocle, Issue 12, Spring 2019

The Snare,Washington Square Review, Issue 43, Spring 2019

Falling Asleep with Carpenter Bees,” Cagibi, Issue 6, April 2019

Family Lore,” PANK Magazine, Issue 14, April 2019

Conversation,” Tilde: A Literary Journal, Issue 3, March 2019

A Poet Is,” Swimming with Elephants Publications, March 2019

Fine, Then,” “Four Nightmares,” The Normal School: A Literary Magazine, winter 2019

alteration,” “Spring Inspection,” Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environmentwinter 2019

The Rose,The Remembered Arts Journal, February 2019

Amnesia,” “Count Your Blessings,” The American Journal of Poetry, Volume 6, January 1, 2019

The Icon,” saltfront: studies in human habit(at), issue 7, Winter 2019

Why I Like Hot Showers,” Ponder ReviewVolume 2, Issue 2, Fall 2018

Compromise,” “Death As a New Language,” “Salt Marsh,” Watershed Review, Fall 2018

Time Capsule,” the winnow magazine, Volume 1, Issue 1, November 2018

The Fool,” HCE Review, Volume 3, Issue 1, November 2018

Bread,” Eclectica Magazine, Spotlight Author, Vol. 22, No. 4, October / November 2018

Tentative Futures,” Abstract: Contemporary Expressions, October 2018

Room with a View,” One Sentence Poems, September 2018

Body Not Hers,” The Remembered Arts Journal, Fall 2018

The Guest,” Open Minds Quarterly, Summer 2018

Dreaming in Swiss,” Ruminate Magazine, August 2018

The Pond,” One Sentence Poems, August 2018

Stings,” “Rites of Passage,” Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Issue 48, June 2018

Winter,” Not Very Quiet, Issue 2, March 2018

The Wolves and the Crucifix,” The Gateway Review, Volume 4, Issue 1, Winter 2018

Small Truths, You Said,” Offshoots 14: Writing from Geneva, Fall 2017

Out of the Labyrinth,” Chicago Quarterly Review, Winter 2015, Issue 19

Poem for a Green Bottle and a Candle Held Together with Tape,” “Halloweening,” Clockwise Cat, Spring / Summer Issue 2014

Fear,” Crack the Spine, February 2014, Issue 101

The Lion,” “Orchids,” 2River View, Winter 2014, Issue 18.2

A Weekend in Hades,” Fickle Muses, April 2011

Rip Van Winkle,” Fickle Muses, August 2008

Migration,” “Murder in the Orchard, ” Radical Society, Fall 2006, Volume 32, # 3

The Mirror,” Crab Creek Review, Autumn / Winter 2002

Talcfundi,” “The Road,” 2River View, Fall 2001, Issue 6.1

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