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With Willow, my dignified, gullifadorkable pointer-setter

I’m a Romanian-American writer living in Lausanne, Switzerland. I was born in Moldova, when it was still part of the Soviet Union (long story), studied languages and literature at the University of Bucharest, published two poetry books in Romanian, and moved to the US for love, more poetry, and adventure.

Adventure comes to those who seek it. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with an MFA in creative writing, had two children, hopped around the country for a while, following my husband’s academic career, and settled in Virginia, where I taught English at a magnet school for nearly a decade.

I wrote in the spaces between moves and jobs, while bringing up babies, teaching, walking our high-energy dog, publishing here and there–in other words, while learning how to be myself in a new language and culture. My family’s most recent move brought us to Switzerland, where I’m finally able to focus full-time on my writing.

I’m currently working on a new poetry manuscript, after disowning its earlier versions. I’m also tinkering with a novel whose genre I find hard to pin down. Romantic suspense, I think. A coming-of-age story. Though, most likely, horror. It’s my first lengthy foray into fiction, you see. The cave is dark and full of terrors. Not to mention that my guide is a fickle bat prone to mood swings.

This short poem I wrote many years ago may offer I clearer and more succinct insight into my life and work. One of its lines gave this blog its name. Twenty years later, I’m still mapping the nest.


*   *   *

Swallow identification
“I meditate upon a swallow’s flight”   (W. B. Yeats)

My life—
the nest of the swallow that left
in late fall, burdened
by our sorrows.
My life—
a wickerwork of clay and branches,
white flowers
quivering in the mud.
The shadow of a wing
fallen upon the house.





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