NaPoWriMo 2020: Poetry from the trenches, Day 15

Photo by Mike Marrah via Unsplash


Today’s prompt challenges us to “write a poem inspired by your favorite kind of music. Try to recreate the sounds and timing of a pop ballad, a jazz improvisation, or a Bach fugue. That could mean incorporating refrains, neologisms and flights of whimsy, or repeating/inverting lines or ideas – whatever your chosen musical form would seem to require! Perhaps a good way to start is to listen to your favorite piece of music and “free-write” for the duration  of the piece, and then use what you’ve written as the building blocks for your poem.” ~ NaPoWriMo, Day 15

One of my favorite pieces of music is Antonin Dvořák’s Serenade for Strings. Today, I listened to it on a loop, which I tend to do with most of the music I love, much to the dismay of my husband, children, and dog. That second movement in Dvořák’s Serenade melts me into a puddle no matter how many times I hear it. I hope that today’s poem conveys a smidgeon of the ecstatic experience I have when listening to this piece. I wrote the poem with some extra help from Rilke, by using the first and last lines of one of his pieces from The Book of Hours (I, 5).

PS–Most of the poems written this April will remain online for up to five days, after which they will be replaced by an excerpt, an erasure, or a thoroughly amateurish art piece that will only allow for bits of the original poem to peek through. At least, this is the plan. The reason being that, at some point, in the hopefully not too distant future, these drafts will undergo revision and begin their multiple-year pilgrimage through the slush piles of many a literary journal. So help me, O Muse.

PPS–The original poem has been replaced by an erasure and the seashell angles have returned to stage yet another tableau. This time, is’s all about Spring. How could I possibly deny them their joy?

Poetry from the trenches, Day 15


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  1. I don’t have enough superlatives left for you Romana. Please share this further, submit! Every line had resonance for me. The echo of the sunflower oil and sunflower sky. The praise of drunken birds. How heavenly.

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