some things to watch out for in a poem

Photo by Romana Iorga

some things to watch out for in a poem

something big             something small          something
                     with wings

something hungry       or sated                       something
                   that doesn’t know what it wants

to die to sleep             perchance
                to write a poem

something that grows on trees            like money
             but juicier                something       with a pit
pick it                       eat it                     break
          your teeth on it

something that strokes your neck at night
              not a feather         not someone’s breath       not even
a dream

something that clings to a wall           scurries along
                       the ground       binds your hands        bursts
out of your mouth

something that stretches         lingers             grows
follows wherever you go

something that holds up the sky             gets caught
                in your teeth          makes clamshells weep

something covered with moss you pull up to your chin
                  over your lips             your eyes         your naked

something that breaks              into song
                     when you expect it the least

something that drops from the sky                 shatters on impact

something with a tail to nuzzle into your palm           to pierce
                             the soft                shell of your heart             something
to take home

something that rolls from under your feet      gathers
              no moss           loves              glass houses        something
to hold in your fist

something with roots you want to slip       sleep under
            climb into           hug          borrow its skin

something neither too big                   nor too small
              something           in-between

First published in Thin Air Magazine, Summer 2020

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